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“KALIANDRA” Ecosystem Tourism

Experience a unique ecosystem tourism in Kaliandra, East Java.  Each activity in this tourism is friendly environment and cultural focus basis. The name “Kaliandra” is derived from a tree called “Caliandra Calothyrsus” – this tree has many functions and can grow in a unfertile and critical area. Kaliandra is located on the slope of Mt. Arjuna on 850 m altitude – offers you a spectacular view and a cool breeze climate.   It is about 1 hour drive from Surabaya towards Safari Zoo.

You may enjoy your stay in a traditional Javanese architecture and involve in various interesting activities.




Various Activities


  1. Cultural Tourism
    Javanese culture 3 in 1 asking guests to participate this tourism for 2 days 1 nite to look closer Javanese heritage, such as leather puppet, gamelan (traditional Javanese music), batik making.

  2. Village Sociology
    This 2 day-1 nite program is not only introduce the character of villagers but social methodoly research as well. You may watch directly the villagers’ life surrounding Kaliandra.

  3. Nature Science
    Knowledge about dry land ecosystem, tropical forest, weather changes. This 2 day-1 nite program also introduces the guests to know more about organics plantation, medical herbs, ecology food & drinks.
    Apart from that, you will also be introduced to a friendly environment technology without sacrificing the nature.

  4. Ecowalk
    • Exploring Tampuwono: walk to Tambak Watu village and enjoy lunch in a local villager’s house.
    • Village Tour: exploring Village Gamoh, Tonggowah and Tegal Kidul.  Watching the villagers’ activities and enjoying their special treat.

  5. Around The Arjuna Mountain
    Climbing to Mt Arjuna – ends in Cangar natural hot spring where you may soak in this hot spring to relieve the muscle stiffness, mind and body relaxation.

  6. Rope Courses
    Available in low, medium and adventure level rope courses (from 80 cm up to 6 meters high).

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